Windows Cleaning Service

Cleaning the windows becomes a rewarding task when it is verified, from different distances and angles, that the glass was properly cleaned.

In our homes and offices, it is possible that they are receiving more or less frequent maintenance but the improvised use of paper or towels does not guarantee that the windows will be truly clean since these windows are more likely to get dirtier by environmental contamination than as result of the people handling.

In commercial premises where large windows are constantly touched by people, and particularly in restaurants, where air carries small particles that form a crust in the glass, window cleaning must be performed very often for hygiene and aesthetics reasons.

But cleaning windows in depth requires special implements such as dampers, wipers, window cleaners, blades and wringers among other specialized tools if you want to get your windows clean without scratching them. All without taking into account that extensions for utensils and stairs or even scaffolds that are needed if the height of the windows requires it.

The best thing to do is leaving glass cleaning to experts who have the tools, products and ability to perform a job that will reflect in the presence of your company or residence.

At CFMS we offer you a quality, window cleaning service. If you want to contact us, send us an email or enter our website for more information on window cleaning.

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