Floor Grouting Service

Our business approach entrenches us with our clients, both private and public as well as the engineering community, which is reflected by our unmatched repeat business Various grouting types available: Epoxy grouting, Cementitious grouting - cement slurry with foam, pumpable portland cement under pressure to fill grouts, Chemical grouting- permeation of chemical grout fliud into soil, Helical Pliers - Underpinning and Tieback Solutions using Helical Piers and Anchors Scope of Work includes: Installation of deep foundation support; fixing anchors; stabilization of the trash pits; Repairing fractures in machine bases; Rectifying sinkhole problems; Lifting and levelling slabs and foundations; Controlling soft-ground settlements in granular soils.

A wide variety of grouting types and services with high tensile and compressive, bonding strength available at CFMS. Available at Competitive prices but without any compromise with Quality of Material. We make it our priority to provide efficient work with industry-leading customer service at CFMS. CFMS specializes in home foundation repair and commercial ground improvements.

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